What is Insurance ?, What are the types of insurance?

Hello friends, welcome all of you wholeheartedly, friends in today’s post, in today’s post, we will know in full details what is insurance? How many types of insurance are there and what are the benefits of insurance in our life, all the information will be explained in full details in this post.

 If you are also thinking to buy an insurance policy and want to understand in full details about insurance before buying, then read this post from beginning to end to know this post especially for you.

What are the types of insurance?

 There are mainly 2 types of insurance :-

 (i) life insurance,

 (ii) General Insurance.

 (i) Life Insurance :-

  It is quite simple to understand the meaning of life insurance, in life insurance, one person is insured in insurance. gives compensation.

 (ii) General Insurance :-

 Under general insurance, vehicle, house, crop, and health insurance or any particular item is insured,

 In today’s time, it is very important to insure all the vehicles from two wheels as per the rules of the Government of India, if your vehicle has not been insured or was insured, the insurance time period has expired, in this case the traffic police will catch your vehicle’s name. The challan will be deducted, that is, it imposes a fine, because there is any kind of vehicle accident in the country, in which the insurance company is damaged at the time of the breakdown or theft of the person or the vehicle. Getting it done is very important.

health insurance :-

 Under the health insurance company policy, it is very necessary to insure the health of a person because in view of the rising inflation of today, the money for treatment in the field of health has also increased a lot, if you want to get the right treatment and in a good hospital then a simple family. Because of this, the insurance company gives the facility of health insurance to its insured, which benefits here, in the time of need of more money at the time of treatment, the insurance company gives the amount for the treatment as per the condition of the insurance policy.

Home Insurance :-

 In today’s time, getting the house insured has become much more important than the insurance company. In this, the insurance company gives money to the home insured for compensation.

 Crop Insurance :-

 If the farmer insures his crop with the insurance policy company, then there is some kind of damage in the crop like:- fire, theft of the crop, the insurance policy company gives compensation to the farmer for his crop. .

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