How to Get Loan in True Balance 2022

 Hello friends, welcome all of you very much in today’s post, friends, we should always save at least 20 thousand to 50 thousand with us because we do not know our bad times when they come. So we only get the money we have saved. If you have not saved by saving and you have an emergency, then today quick loan facility is also available so that you can take loan in no time through your mobile and you can also transfer it to your bank account.

Let me now tell you all from where and how you have to take a safe loan, in present times there are many applications and websites available in the market which gives us the facility of quick loan. But I would like to tell you for information, from whichever website and application you apply for a loan, then you must check once whether the company behind that website or application is giving the loan, whether it is RBI regulated or not, apart from this, how much loan do you have? It is giving how much interest rate is being charged and its process is going to be done online and offline.

When I was doing research in such a situation, I found out the application named True Balance, you can apply for Quick Loan and the best thing is 100% orthorise, RBI Certified NBFC, it will help you to take the tension of security. There is no problem and you get the loan only through RBI NBFC, so this application is 100% safe.

What are the Proceeds to take Loan from True Balance

step 1

First of all, you can download the application from Google Play Store in your mobile.



After downloading the application, open it, accept its terms and conditions and agree & continue


After this, you will do some permissions of the application, after that you will choose your language.


Now enter your mobile number, then an OTP code will come on your number, submit it, then enter your password, your account will be created.


Then you will get the option of a Cash Loan, click on it, in this you have to do KYC first, for this enter the PAN Card Number.


Then you have to enter your mobile number which is linked to your Aadhar card, after that after entering your Aadhar card click on proceed, now otp will come to your mobile number and click on proceed by entering your Aadhar details will be verified.


After this click on Go to Loan then you have to enter the amount as much as you want and fill some details


After this you will upload your statement, you will upload the statement of taking the last three months of your bank account, will take some time processing and the loan application will be submitted, after which your loan will be approved.


After Apply Approved, you will click on Take Loan, after that the amount can be withdrow in your bank account.

How to Pay Loan EMI

To pay EMI, you will get the option of Repay on the right of the loan amount, click on it, then the list of times you have to pay EMI will open, you can pay one by one every month, if you want to pay in one go. In this, we get many options to pay like Debit Card, UPI and Net Banking, you can fill EMI by choosing the option according to the facility.

If you need a quick loan, then you can take an instant loan by following the steps mentioned above, if you fill it on time after taking the loan, it increases your civil score as well as increases the ability to take a loan.

Also, would like to say one more thing, you should always take a loan only when you need it very much, you should not take a loan for hobby or for show.

I hope you have liked this post a lot, then share the post with your friends or any loan need person, if you face any kind of problem related to this, then you can ask us by commenting.

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